aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted

Himmel, Arsch, und Zwirn! but I'm tired. I haven't put in an 18-hour day in a long time. Still, aches and weariness aside, I think I'm doing better than my moving crew. Those young men were dragging severely by the time we were done yesterday. Still, they did a great job.

It took three trips with a fully-loaded 17-foot truck to move our stuff from hither to yon. After everything was done and we were alone in the house, I dropped on the nearest piece of cleared-off furniture I could find and slept the night away. I managed to find my shaving kit and medicine this morning. The kitchen was in chaos, so no coffee maker; I stopped at Steak & Shake and got a large coffee to go.

Today's major job will be clearing the trash out of the parsonage. Jerry P. is coming over this afternoon with a trailer and we are taking a trip to the dump. He's also going to help me take apart our old piano. I'm going to take the metal in it to the salvage yard. I'd like to take the wooden shell out to the Cottingham farm for a bonfire. I'd fancy building a fire in the shell of the old piano and getting a picture of me "playing" a flaming keyboard.

There's still a quantity of this and that to be sold or given away. And there's still all Zachary's stuff out in the garage. "Such predicaments. I must forge ahead." (T-Bone) Meanwhile, it will take weeks to sort out the piles of our possessions in the new house. And the lawn needs to be mowed right away. Sigh.

Still, I have coffee. The day's starting out rather well. Let's hope it continues so.

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