aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Update on itinerary.

Wonderful news!

Our travel agent has just e-mailed me. Turkish Air has agreed to switch our outbound flight to United, with whom they have a partnership, at no extra cost. We even get to Geneva faster. We will still return via Istanbul, so keep praying. For that matter, we covet your prayers above all else, because airlines switch flights around all the time. We would have bounced with the change we got handed; we just didn't want to visit Istanbul outside the airport security zone at this time.

This means that we are back on track and under budget again! God bless those of you who have volunteered to help, or communicated our need to others. God bless those of you who redoubled your prayers for us! You share in all our successes, and it is a joy to testify to your faithfulness. Glory to God!

If you have already sent a check our way, I will be pleased to send it back to you. May God bless you as richly as you have blessed us!

Love from Art and Crew 119

New itinerary: Venturers, please note!

June 11, Depart Indianapolis 10:18 AM United Flight 6013
Arrive Dulles 11:50 AM (actual flight time 1 hr 42 min)

Depart Dulles 5:30 PM United Flight 974
Arrive Geneva June 12 7:40 AM local time (actual flight time 8 hr 10 min)

June 20, Depart Geneva 7:05 AM Turkish Air Flight 1330
Arrive Istanbul 11:10 AM local time (actual flight time 3 hr 5 min)

Depart Istanbul 2:10 PM Turkish Air Flight 5
Arrive Chicago 5:35 PM local time (actual flight time 11 hr 25 min)

Depart Chicago 9:05 PM United Flight 473
Arrive Indianapolis 11:11 PM local time (actual flight time 1 hr 6 min)

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