aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Looking for help

Our happy Crew met this afternoon to talk about our trip to Switzerland. Turkish Air has thrown us a major curve ball. They have canceled our afternoon flight from Istanbul to Geneva and moved it to the next day. This stretches our getting to Geneva over an extra day, plus it would require us to stay overnight at a hotel in Istanbul. There's no extra cost for that overnight stay, but given the nature of things in Turkey right now, none of us are excited about doing that.

Turkish Air will refund the entirety of our ticket prices if we want, and our travel agent says she can reschedule us through another airline, but it will cost us $400 more per person to do so at this late date. This will make our trip budget suddenly go from a $350 surplus to a $1250 shortfall.

Given the upcoming holidays and graduation events and Annual Conference, we have no time to do any kind of fund-raiser before we go. So, we are reduced to asking supportive individuals and groups if they would like to donate to our Crew trip fund. Several of us took assignments to ask particular groups we have connections with if they would consider donating. Our deadline to get it all together is June 4, which is our last Crew meeting before we leave for Switzerland.

One person just handed me a $50 check and told me there'd be another $50 for us by our next meeting. God is good. Talk to me if you'd like to help.

Rougher! Tougher! Buffer!

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