aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Long, hard day

I either left my glasses in the cabin or I dropped them on the drive getting my stuff in the truck; however, they were my old glasses. My new glasses, which I got yesterday and hadn't started wearing yet, were still waiting in their case when I got home. So no harm, no foul, except my tired eyes are having a hard time adapting to the new lenses as I work on this computer.

I went over to Wilderstead for the day. I hadn't been over there in quite some time, and I was anxious to see how the holler had weathered the storms we had. My road seems to be eroding, but the cabin was in good shape, and everything else was as one might expect. I checked in with my neighbor who is supposed to come fetch my tractor and get it in shape to be used. He hasn't been able to get in his fields yet, but he's been too busy to work on my tractor. A tornado took the roof off his house a couple weeks ago and dropped it on his barn. *boggle*

Anyway, once on site, I got out my 22" string trimmer to mow trails. Getting it started after a year in storage was hard. Of course, if I'd remembered to prime the blasted thing before wearing myself out cranking it, that would have helped. It was still a bit slow, but some starter fluid fixed that in a hurry! I worked for an hour and the sun was burning down into the holler like a hammer striking an anvil. I decided to knock off and go to L'burg for some supplies.

When I got back, I finished mowing the trails, but by the time I got the mowing done, I was too bushed to drag everything back up the hill from the ford. I mean, seriously bushed, as in dizzy and weak. I was drinking water like crazy, but this was my first day of major activity this spring, and it was hard and hot. Eventually, I just roped the wagon and then the mower to the hitch of my truck and pulled them up the hill by backing up the road.

I rested and drank more water and slowly, slowly got everything put away. Got back home just after 9:00, twelve hours after leaving this morning. I brought back the string trimmer mower for our new rental house (we're responsible for mowing). I also brought back some decorative block, of which I have too much, to make a nice fire circle in the back yard for cooking out. But I was too tired to drop all that off on my way back. It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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