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Preview of Coming Attractions

This morning was the first time all the stained glass windows of our youth project have been placed side by side in their frames. This picture shows how they will be arranged in the light box (whose construction starts tomorrow). Once the box is finished and the lights wired up, we have a professional company ready to come in and anchor the whole shebang to the wall and wire it into the church's power supply. After the box is on the wall and ready, the last step will be to hang the windows in the box. Dedication is June 4 in morning worship.

Stained Glass Project

The Church is the Ark of Salvation

We got lots of affirmations this morning from church members; I am pleased. I think everyone will be proud to have this in the sanctuary. I spoke with two of three members of the 2014 confirmation class who designed and began this project three years ago. I told them the three boys would have to arm wrestle to see who the spokesman would be for the dedication. The others will stand beneath the windows with the other youth who helped to do the unveiling and first lighting.

So far, 21 children and youth and 8 adults have had a hand in this project, one way or another. All of their first names will be added to the windows in the gold divider sections running across the flanking windows. A complete list with full names will also be in the bulletin on June 4. The first youth to start this were turning twelve years old. The youngest to work on it was only seven years old when he started. They have cut and ground glass, covered edges in copper foil, soldered joints and turned screws. I believe in what kids can do!

The main display is 85.625" wide and 48.75" tall. The apsidal dove window adds yet more height to the whole. The light box will be 3.5" deep, using LED strips for illumination.

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