aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The glasswork is completed

I thought I would finish the painting details on the last window of our stained glass project this morning. To my disgruntlement, I found that my paintbrushes have disappeared from the studio/Venturers' room. Aargh. So, I put "buy paintbrushes" on my to-do list for this morning and nabbed some while running other errands. This afternoon, I set myself to finish the work.

So, here it is. This is the fourth, and last, window in our huge display. The center window is a boat on the open waters. A small apsidal window above has a dove flying overhead. The legend says, "The Church is the Ark of Salvation." The window on the left has animals in it. The window on the right -- this one -- has people. The animals are one aspect of God's love for his creation; redeemed relationships between people is another. Both illustrate the central legend and title of the work.

All I had to do was paint some minor facial and hand features on the figures. Oh, yeah, and I added the little house in the distance behind the embracing Father and returning Son at the top.


Fourth Window
Redeemed Relationships

And now, we start carpentry! Dedication is set for June 4 in the morning worship service, ready or not. I hope to have the light box built and installed by then. We'll see.

So far, 21 youth and 7 adults have worked on this project, which was initiated and designed three years ago by the boys of my 2014 Confirmation Class.

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