aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Do we call it Serendipity or Schadenfreude?

Deanne had a rough day yesterday. Her boot, which she must wear after her fall, has been severely chafing her; plus, walking with a bad right leg means her left leg is taking extra strain and being thrown off in her gait. (How well I know that experience.) She fell asleep in her recliner last night, and didn't wake up to come up to bed. Spent the whole night in her chair.

Meanwhile, I've been taking it slow as well. Slept in a bit, took a late shower, and decided we were between breakfast and lunch, so I'd make breakfast for lunch. So, while Deanne continued to sleep, I whomped up a huge mess of bacon and eggs and toast. I took her a plateful and asked what else she wanted. She replied, to my stupefaction, that she's doing a twelve-hour fast, as she does regularly (news to me). She didn't want to eat before noon.

Well, okay. That left me with an enormous amount of bacon and eggs to eat for my brunch. Beat me up.

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