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I just read a comment on a website that said that according to Jewish tradition, the wife of Lot was named Edith. I looked this up. She is named in the Book of Jasher, for what it's worth, as "Ado" or "Edith." Does anyone know what form the Hebrew in Jasher takes? Are there multiple, differing citations? Is "Edith" even in the form of a Hebrew name/word?

Whatever the Hebrew original might be, it should be pointed out that the name "Edith" as we know it is anything but Hebrew. It's from Old English Eadgyð. The first element, ead means "possession, riches, happiness, bliss." The second element, guð means "battle." So it could mean, "prospers in battle" or something like that. (That sounds better than "battle frenzy" or "booty," which would be undignified for a royal lady's name, and there were a lot of Anglo-Saxon aristocrats named Edith.)
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