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Our happy Crew met today to discuss itinerary options for our trip to Switzerland. Plans are firming up. I hope to complete our booking at Kandersteg shortly. Here's how it's shaping up.

Sunday, June 11 Lost day. Meet at church, Kara drives us up to Indy. Take an early flight from Indy to Chicago, then wait around all day for the overnight flight to Europe.

Monday, June 12 Land in Istanbul. Fly to Geneva. Arrive 9:35 at night, collect our luggage. The Crew liked the idea of staying at the Geneva Hostel, so that's our first choice. It's just a mile and a half from the airport. So, I've got those reservations to make. If local UM folks can assist us, it would be with picking us up from the airport.

Tuesday, June 13 Eat breakfast at the hostel. Wander around Geneva for an hour or so, see some sights, maybe grab some lunch. Hop the train about noon or so. Arrive Kandersteg Bahnhof c. 3:30, take the bus to KISC. Check in. Meet some people. Eat dinner. Adjust to jet lag and altitude.

Wednesday, June 14 Camp activities. There are several interesting things to do in camp. Hey, it's a Scout camp. Special program choices on Wednesday evening are either a "Come Dine With Us" program with Scouts from another country or going into the village for "Swiss Culture Night."

Thursday, June 15 Get a packed lunch and hop a bus into Thun. Tour Thun Castle. Shop and gawk. Eat dinner out at a local restaurant. Take the bus back to KISC.

Friday, June 16 Day hike. There are several to choose from, both guided and unguided. There's a hike to a local cheesery that involves tasting as well as touring that I'm interested in. Friday night is International Campfire Night at KISC.

Saturday, June 17 Overnight hike to one of KISC's huts. The Ueschinnen Hut looks like the easier schlep.

Sunday, June 18 Hike back from Ueschinnen. Still have time, probably, for another in-camp activity.

Monday, June 19 Cleanup. Do any activities in the village or Centre that still tickle our fancy. Last chance to shop for souvenirs. Take the train in the late afternoon or evening to Geneva. Check in at the airport, stay overnight.

Tuesday, June 20 Flight leaves at 7:00 a.m. local time. We arrive back in Indy (by way of Istanbul and Chicago) at 11:11 p.m. EDT. Kara picks us up and returns us to Ellettsville.

Other decisions. We decided to take our own backpacking tents rather than rent Kandersteg's tents. To save bulk, we think we can get away with taking daypacks only instead of our backpacks for hiking. The "hut" is really a large lodge, with bunks and blankets. We only need sleeping bag liners for the overnight hike rather than sleeping bags; plus, we need to carry our fresh food with us.

With only four of us going, we can't afford to make a t-shirt; however, we have plenty of leftover t-shirts from previous trips. I gave Alane extra green t-shirts for her and T.J. from the Tenke Jamboree (that we also wore under our beach shirts for Sea Base). That way, if we need to match in Class B, we call all wear our French Guides et Scouts shirts from North Katanga. And, we are planning on designing a Crew neckerchief for this trip, since the neckerchief is the universally recognized Scout wear (and gets you a free bus ride from the train station to the Scout Centre).

We reviewed one quote on insurance for the trip. I'm waiting on a second one. All the financials are coming together nicely. I'm getting really excited. This trip was stuck on dead center for so long, and now it's rolling. We really lucked into the travel deal, too, with a jaw-dropping price on Turkish Airlines. Hope that works out well.

Now, all I've got to do is to get in shape. Yes, I know, round is a shape, but it's not the shape I want to be. I also need to get my Achilles tendon to cooperate, so I can do some conditioner hiking. But it's all good.

This will be my twentieth high adventure trip. Another milestone on the long, long trail a-winding.


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