aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

On Daylight Savings Time

I napped several times yesterday, as my body absorbed the effects of "springing forward" -- that is, of losing an hour's sleep. I stayed in bed this morning until I was slept out, and so I think I'm over the worst of the effects of going on "Daylight Savings Time."

We used to do this at six-month intervals. We now "spring forward" on the second Sunday in March, and "fall back" to Standard time on the first Sunday in November, which means we spend more time on DST than on Standard time. So, why don't we just move all the time zones if people want to live on DST? Let's do it all year!

Or, here's an idea: Why don't we skip all this "springing forward" that everybody hates, and just "fall back" now and then? That way, we get an extra hour of sleep. That's the part everybody likes. If we "fell back" twice a year, it would be like a little mini-vacation, a bonus of an extra hour, like a paid holiday. And it wouldn't matter what time of year you did it, so we could pick a couple of days where everybody stays up late and comes into work bleary-eyed anyway, so how about "falling back" on New Year's Eve and Independence Day? That'd be nice.

Now, you can't live on borrowing forever (tell our government this). So, eventually you'd have to "spring forward" with a vengeance. But if we "fell back" twice a year, we could declare an Un-Leap Day every twelve years, where we just eliminate some day that we don't need. We already have all these Monday holidays, so I suggest eliminating a Monday in some ugly month like, say, February or November. We would go straight from Sunday to Tuesday, from (e.g.) February 5 to February 7, and pay off all those pleasant hours we borrowed without actually losing any sleep. (Or you could just skip every third February 29.)

I mean, if you've just got to keep messing with the time, at least make it so we don't all suffer from the lingering effects of "springing forward." It would be as close as we could come to having our cake and eating it, too. Write your Congressmen.


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