aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Interstellar Scout Mottoes

Everybody knows the Scout Motto: "Be Prepared." But that's only on Earth; surely, other planets have similar youth organizations with similar goals? Herewith are presented (compliments of the United Federation of Planet's database) the Mottoes of other Scouting organizations around the galaxy.

Vulcan Space Scouts; Motto, Be Profound.

Klingon Young Hunters; Motto, Be Proficient.

Ferrengi Junior Achievers; Motto, Be Profitable.

Betazoid Psi-Scouts; Motto, Be Pampered.

Bajoran Acolytes; Motto, Be Prayerful.

Romulan Star Scouts; Motto, Be Proud.

Cardassian Flame Order; Motto, Be Private.

Starfleet Academy Junior Cadets; Motto, Be Professional.

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