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A trip down Memory Lane

I heard from Michael Lawson, current pastor at TVUMC, asking for details on the stained glass window my last confirmation classes did there.

The window is a Nativity Angel. Posing for the window was Megan Paolello. She was 12 or 13 in November, 2003, when we did study photos for a series of windows. Megan was posing for the Nativity window. Two other girls posed for a pair of Resurrection Angels to flank the main church entryway. Those other windows never went beyond the drawing stage because I moved in June, 2006, to EFUMC, where I still am. So Megan is now immortalized in glass. I told her that only I could make her an angel, and there's the proof.

Megan Paolello

Megan Paolello
Study for stained glass Nativity Angel window

Anyway, my 2004 and 2005 confirmation classes cooperated on this project, dedicating it on October 30, 2005. I was feeling woozy that morning in church, and later that day wound up in the hospital with an unsuspected abscess that almost killed me. Thank God for IV antibiotics. It took me months to recover.

Some of the crafters with their window before dedication in morning worship

Some of the crafters with their window before dedication in morning worship
L to R: Justin Ahaus, Casey Brice, Josh Hooten, Aaron Bender, Elizabeth Brice

As most of you know, my current youth are working on a set of stained glass windows here at EFUMC. I post pics of them from time to time. Today, 11-year-old Evan and her 8-year-old brother Jack helped college freshman Alex and me solder the joints on the back of the third of a four-window set under construction.

I believe in what kids can do, because I believe in what Christ can do.


Nativity Angel window installed
Tanner Valley United Methodist Church

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