aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

When the Moon hits your eye like a big pumpkin pie, that's amore

It's a busy weekend here at EFUMC. Consecration Sunday is tomorrow. Some of our Scout hikers put in a 10-miler this morning. I saw them off as I was firing up the ovens for the Venturers' pie sale.

Our happy Crew gathered last night and cranked out 40 pie crusts, give or take. This morning, we assembled the fillings for and baked 14 pecan pies, 12 apple pies, 13 pumpkin pies, and 3 pumpkin puddings (no crust). We learned that the expression "as easy as pie" is a dirty lie. And we learned that calculating π by hand is a real chore.

The pies came out looking wondermous. We used a mix of Granny Smiths, Fujis, Galas, and Pink Ladies in the apple pies. The pumpkin for our pies was cooked fresh by us and frozen ahead of time, not canned. Even the pie dough we made from scratch, using the old Never Fail Pie Crust recipe Deanne grew up with, that uses real lard, eggs, and vinegar. Yep, we're Old School. Ah, well, I always was kind of a crusty old sort.

As we were leaving this afternoon, the Scouts were coming in to do the prep for tomorrow's Consecration Sunday luncheon. They're whomping up Minestrone, Chicken Alfredo, and Italian Love Cake. More power to 'em.

Easy as pie, my Granny Smith

Easy as pie, my Granny Smith
T.C. and Lori peeling apples

Clean as you go

Clean as you go
Deanne wipes down a counter

Calculating pie to 40 places

Calculating pie to 40 places

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