aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Kandersteg High Adventure Trip

Our Happy Crew went over itinerary choices and costs at our meeting today for our projected high adventure trip to Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland. Projected dates are June 14-21, 2017.

We would fly into Geneva and take the train (special Scout fare) to Bern, then south to Kandersteg Village. Bus fare to the Scout Centre is free for Scouts wearing their neckerchiefs. Note: We probably need to design a Crew neckerchief instead of a Crew t-shirt this year.

We would have five full days at Kandersteg. We think we can do fun and interesting things around the Centre and in the village -- including a day hike or two -- for the first two days. Then, a day spent in Thun: travel by train; tour Thun Castle; shop for souvenirs, knock about. Days 4 and 5 would be spent on an overnight hike to a mountain hut from Kandersteg. Then, a full day to get back to Geneva and stay overnight at the airport waiting for a 7 a.m. flight for home.

The bottom line for this trip: We're writing a budget right now for $1900 per person. Wobbles in the air travel market and other imponderables might cause us to have to go to $2000 per person in the spring, but we're confident we can do this for that price. We need at least $1400 per person paid down by February in order to buy airline tickets. And, of course, each person going must have a U.S. Passport. (No tourist visa required to enter Switzerland from USA!) We think we can get each youth going some scholarship help.

At the present time, we have two adults (male) and two youth (male) who are ready to commit to the trip. That meets our minimum requirements to go; ideally, a crew size of about eight is what we shoot for, so there is room for four more crew members, male or female (though if we have a female youth, we automatically need a female adult). And we would like for people to commit before the end of the year. We are open to taking Venturers from other Crews or Scouts who are able to multiple-register as Venturers. Venturers are 14-20 years old, and can be either male or female.

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