aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

It works

While out at our cabin today, I opened the shed to fetch a barrow and spade for Deanne, who wanted to transplant some strawberry plants. A very live mouse dodged from under the barrow to beneath the generator. Hmmm...

Dealing with mice in the woods is a given. I don't expect miracles, but I really don't want mice nesting in my shed. They make an unhealthy atmosphere, and they chew through the covering of electrical wires on machinery, among other things. When I am staying overnight in the holler, I frequently leave the shed open, so that the coyotes and foxes can enjoy a mousy smorgasbord, if they will. I am skeptical of poisons and traps; I've never managed to catch a mouse in a trap out in the wild, and I swear they eat D-Con like popcorn. In fact, the most reliable form of mouse control I've found is my Redneck Mousetrap.

This is a five gallon bucket with a gallon of anti-freeze in it. A dowel rod pierces the rim of the bucket, passing through a plastic Coke bottle smeared with peanut butter. The mouse crawls up onto the rim and steps out to get the peanut butter, and the plastic bottle spins beneath the critter, dropping it into the anti-freeze. It had been a while since I had last re-charged this contraption, so I went to empty out the anti-freeze. Proof that it works was evident in the dozen or so embalmed mouse corpses that I dumped out with the liquid.

Fresh anti-freeze in the bucket and fresh peanut butter on the plastic bottle are all it takes. Though I also helpfully lean up a piece of wood from the floor to the rim of the bucket.

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