aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The Nicene Creed in Old English

Ic gelyfe on ænne God, Fæder Ælmihtigne, Wyrcend heofenan and eorðan, and ealra gesewenlicra ðinga and ungesewenlicra; and on ænne Crist, Hælend Drihten, þone ancennedan Godes Sunu, of ðam Fæder acenned ær ealle worulda, God of Gode, Leoht of Leohte, Soðne God of Soðum Gode, acennedne na geworhtne, efen-edwistlicne þam Fæder, ðurh þone sind ealle ðing geworhte; se for us mannum and for ure hæle niðer-astah of heofenum, and wearð geflæschamod of ðam Halgan Gaste and of Marian ðam mædene, and wearð mann geworden. He ðrowode eac swylce on rode ahangen for us, and he wæs bebyrged, and he aras on ðam ðriddan dæge, swa swa gewritu seðað, and he astah to heofonum, and he sitt æt swiðran his Fæder, and he eft cymð mid wuldre to demenne þam cuicum and ðam deadum, and his rices ne bið nan ende. And ic gelyfe on ðone Halgan Gast, ðone Lif-fæstendan God, se gæð of ðæm Fæder and of ðam Suna, and se is mid ðam Fæder and mid þam Suna gebeden and gewuldrod, and se spræc þurh witegan. Ic andette ða anan halgan and ða geleaffullan and ða apostolican gelaðunge, and an fulluht on forgyfennysse synna; and ic andbidige æristes deadra manna, and þæs ecan lifes þære toweardan worulde. Sy hit swa.

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