aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Come aboard, Matey!

When we unloaded all of Anna's family stuff from two years in storage, Daniel found the bespoke toy chest that had been built for him, with his initials carved in the lid. James had no toy chest personal to him.

Meanwhile, I had this old pirate's chest from Michael's. It was unfinished pine, with rickety chains holding the lid inside. I only ever used it for Chrysalis Flights, when I gave the Means of Grace talk. (Emmaus folk will understand the reference.) Well, I haven't done a Chrysalis talk in over ten years. The chest has just been gathering dust in my office. And so . . .

I painted the box with brown shoe polish (an old trick I learned years ago, in my heyday of building bookcases). I attached good chrome hasps inside and leather thongs to hold the lid open without banging back and wrenching the hinges out. And lastly, I went to the local engraving shop and had a nameplate made.

I have an appointment at the Conference office in the morning in Indy. After that, I'm heading for Richmond to give Master James his own personal sea chest to keep his treasures in.

Cabin Boy's Sea Chest

Cabin Boy's Sea Chest

Stow yer swag in here

Stow yer swag in here



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