aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Nothing like a pot of stew

I made a pot of venison stew for dinner tonight. There was enough left over for Deanne to make up six pints of stew to take to work this week. It was quite good.

Venison stew is pretty much like beef stew, but there are a couple of tricks I like to use on deer meat. For one thing, in my seasoning of the stew I add a generous amount of rosemary. For some reason, game really likes rosemary, far more than beef does. I also add a bit of barley to the stew -- not enough to make a porridge out of it, but just enough to thicken it a bit. Barley also adds a hearty flavor to the stew. I could achieve much the same effect by using a good ale instead of water or stock, but no matter how you cook it, Deanne can taste the ale, and she doesn't like it. Barley in moderation really helps a stew along.

As we discussed our life as empty-nesters last week, Deanne asked me to help by making one of my specialties each Monday -- such as stew or coddle or whatever. That way, if she's late on Monday, as she often is, dinner isn't ruined; it's just in the pot -- nor am I delayed for any meetings I have. And, she has leftovers that spare her fussing with lunches that week. We worked out half a dozen things I can make in my sleep that she'll eat. And so life moves on.

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