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Moving Day

Moving Day for Anna and family finally arrived. By 7:30 a.m., T.C., T.J., and Zach (three of our Venturers) were all here. Anna got the little boys ready. We got to the U-Haul place by 8:00 or so and signed out a massive 26-foot furniture van. T.J. rode with Anna and the grandcubs. Zach and T.C. piled in the van with me. Zach remarked, "This thing is a tank." Yep. Been a long time since I've driven a beast that big.

We drove up to Indy through the rain and got to the PODS place. The worker got his forklift out and fetched Anna and Brian's two pods and put them indoors where we could load up without worrying about rain. I backed the beast into the warehouse just like I knew what I was doing.

Anna's stuff had been stored in these two pods for nearly two years. Surprisingly, everything was pretty much as they left it. Very little shifting. As we began to dig out the bigger, heavier pieces to load into the van first, I remarked that the moving crew was now Pod People. Or maybe Podlings. Anna and I then started riffing on quotes from The Dark Crystal, which went over our crew's heads.

Peas in a pod

Peas in a pod
Pod People? Podlings?

Daniel and James were very excited. They wanted to help, which mostly involved getting in the way. They wanted to play with everything they hadn't seen for two years. They wanted to treat the back of the truck like a jungle gym (this was mostly Daniel). All normal for little boys. My family moved way too often when I was young; I remember.

Rediscovering hidden treasures

Rediscovering hidden treasurers
The lion rocker was bought for Daniel, who is now too big for it

It took us three hours to load the truck. We didn't pack it to the ceiling, just to about eye level. Still, that meant we were packed all the way to the back door. Then we went to a nearby Subway and had lunch. Shortly after 2:00, we were barreling down the interstate toward Richmond. We arrived in good order. Brian was there to meet us. Once again, excited little boys got in the way. Neighbors came to check us out.

My house.

My house.
James at the front door

It took two and a half hours to unload the truck and put everything more or less where it needed to be. I explained to Daniel that Mommy is in charge on Moving Day: she gets to tell everyone where stuff goes. My job was Loadmaster; I mostly stood in the truck and dismantled the stack, handing it forward to the crew. T.C., T.J., and Zach groaned as I kept calling out, "More books!" (Hey, Anna and Brian only had about forty boxes of books. Last time I moved, I had a hundred.)

Once everything was unloaded, more or less, Anna left to pick up pizza and breadsticks to feed everybody. We relaxed in their spacious and beautiful front yard. Their house is old and much-remodeled, but in excellent condition. It has a lot of room, plus a 3-car garage onto which a workshop and lawnmower sheds have been built. Lots of trees, a beautiful front lawn, a nice, fenced-in back yard. It's a great place to raise boys.

Out front

Out front
Taking it easy

And here is where they plan to raise them. They hope to be here at least ten years. So this is the home Daniel and James will remember the rest of their lives as "where we grew up." God bless them and make their home a happy one. I'm so glad to see them established somewhere at last.

Home at last

Home at last
Daniel showing off his new digs

After supper, we loaded up our people and drove back to E-ville. Anna had to drive back with us in order to get all the crew returned. Then she drove back to Richmond the same night. But now, everybody's where they belong. I'll be borrowing a trailer in a couple of days and taking over a few big things they have stashed here. But now, they can start unpacking, sorting out, and beginning their new life, with everybody together just like it's meant to be.

I'll miss having them here (though I hope soon not to be so tired all the time -- there's a reason children are born to young adults). But I'm glad to have been able to help them out in their need, and I am deeply grateful to everybody in EFUMC and our Scouting ministry who welcomed Anna and Brian, Daniel and James and loved them so well. God bless you all.

When I paid the crew, they said some things that moved me, too. Zach felt it was odd to get paid for doing this. I think T.C. was surprised at how much I paid them (he wasn't there when I made the initial offer). They would have done it for friendship's sake. But having asked them to work all day at an adult job, I felt I should pay them what I would have paid strangers I had to hire to do it. They did a great job, and I'm proud of them.

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