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Annual Conference starts tomorrow. Oh, goody.

Deanne was saying this morning that she woke up with a scratchy throat but after her morning coffee and breakfast, it was gone. Lucky her. After three days in the stale air and too-high air conditioning of the Indianapolis Convention Center, I suppose I'll come down with something for real.

I have to be up there early tomorrow to put up the Scouting Ministry display, since Curt has a funeral tomorrow. Much of my time at Conference is spent schmoozing people in the display area. It's time better spent than in the plenaries, where we have only a limited number of actual decisions to make. AC has turned into a mere convention, a gawdawful trade show with vacuous seminars and people hawking trinkets.

Clergy executive session is tomorrow afternoon. I learned today that the size of the Board of Ordained Ministry is being reduced, which is probably a good thing. When we merged North and South into one Indiana AC, we basically just combined both BOOMs. But in reducing the membership, a lot of orthodox/evangelical voices are being lost. There will be a significant ideological shift in the BOOM, which is one of the most important and powerful agencies of the AC. Be it noted that all nominations to the BOOM are by the bishop. So this is Mike Coyner's parting gift to us.

I only signed up for one pricey meal at Conference, which leaves me free to eat other meals with friends. I do enjoy talking with colleagues and meeting people I haven't seen for a while. Be it noted that our Scouting Ministry Breakfast and Pathfinder Annual Meeting (Saturday morning 7:00 a.m. at Shapiro's Deli) is both reasonably priced and delicious. But then, we Scouters have always marched to our own drummer; we give actual value for what we ask of people in terms of time and money.

Anna and the grandcubs plan on coming up to Conference, too, and Brian will come for the breakfast. Anna is President of The Indiana UM Pathfinder, Inc. (our NAUMS chapter), and she plans on signing up as a guest so she can do proper schmoozing at our display. So I'll probably spend a good deal of time keeping track of wandering grandcubs, too. I'll be a proud Grandbear.

Anyway, here is something I wrote many years ago, still as relevant today as then. It's a parody of "Marching to Pretoria," which I call

The Annual Conference March

I won't help and you won't help and so we are co-dependent,
in vestments so resplendent, for un-PC repentant.
We have nothing real to do but we're loyally attendant
at our Conference.
Oh, we are marching to euphoria,
euphoria, euphoria,
where the thinking's all done for ya,
at Annual Conference.
Meetings here and meetings there and way too expensive dining,
pointless debate refining, ministers re-assigning.
Meanwhile for another year we see membership declining
in our Conference.
Oh, we are marching to euphoria,
euphoria, euphoria,
where the thinking's all done for ya,
at Annual Conference.

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