aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Takin' care of bizness

Well, we got the church office mostly put back together today. that_guy_zach got all our various bits of electronic jiggery-pokery put back together, so now we can do the monthly newsletter, the weekly worship bulletin, etc. -- all of which are now behind-time because we were painting and carpeting. But at least we're functional again.

My computer had been cranky, so I ad-awared and spybotted it today. Got rid of a bunch of stuff. I don't know which is worse -- people sending me all kinds of stuff they want me to look at, or me wanting to look at it. Anymore, if there're more than two fwds on it, I usually just delete it, no matter how careful I believe the source to be (and there are people I never open anything from).

Was checking out travel fares, and was almost ready to click "purchase" on Orbitz when I realized that it would probably hit the ceiling on my credit card limit. So I called the company and had them raise my credit limit so I can do the occasional big trip pass-through on my card. (It's about 8 thou smackers to buy the airline tickets this week.)

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