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The Good Old Days, Indeed

i bought a floppy disc drive recently that I could plug into my laptop. I finally got around to trying it out, and spent some time this evening rummaging through a bunch of old 3.5" floppies, looking at old documents and pictures.

After my father died, I scanned all the old family photos and made copies for my sisters. The actual prints were divvied up between us, but everybody got digital copies. And among those old pix taken by my Dad was this gem.

My Boy Scout troop -- Troop 95 of Spencer, Indiana -- made this bucking bronco ride out of an old barrel one year when I was a teenager. The date on the pic says 1971, so that would have been the spring of my senior year. I think we offered this as our exhibit three years running, and this would have been my last Scoutorama. The Miami District Scoutorama was always at Martinsville about every April. The evil genius behind the device was our Scoutmaster, the Rev. John Honeay (God bless 'im).

We put heavy (4x4?) posts in the ground at the corners and attached ropes to them and to the barrel. We spread some hay and canvas underneath, and then invited all comers to take a ride. By Scouts tugging on the ropes in multiple directions at once, we could give quite a lively ride, which always ended sooner or later in pitching the rider off. It was great fun, and everybody loved it. We were the hit of the show.

I imagine we'd risk being sued today, assuming some poo-bah didn't get the vapors just looking at this rig and forbade us to even think of making it. *Sigh* Those were the days.

Troop 95 at 1971 Scoutorama

Troop 95 at 1971 Scoutorama

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