aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Restful day

I finally made it over to Wilderstead today. What with all that's been going on, I hadn't had a real day off -- or sunshine to take one in -- for two weeks. But today looked like a nice day and I needed to get out of Dodge after all the hoop-de-doo this last weekend, so I made it out of town before noon -- pausing only to do a hospital call on the way out of town.

I had thought of many things desperately needing done in the ol' holler. I had hoped to do several of them. But when I finally got there just before 3:00, it was the hottest part of the day. I sat down to rest for a while on the loveseat in the cabin, and that was all it took. Cool breezes wafted in the door on my recumbent form. I napped for three hours.

After that, I made some supper and waited for the cool of the evening to come on. Then I lashed together a tripod over the cinder blocks I mount my water tank on, and hung my block and tackle on it. Lifted that tank of water right off my tailgate like it was nothing. So at least, I've got clean water to drink for the summer. Other chores can wait for my next trip out, which I hope will be soon.

It was supposed to storm overnight and be soggy tomorrow, so I elected not to stay over. Left just before 9:00 and got home a little after 11:00.

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