aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Catching up on the Crew to-do list

Crew meetings have been catch-as-catch-can since Christmas; however, we got a couple of things done today that have been hanging fire for a while.

First, Congratulations to T.C. Wolf, who completed his Board of Review for his eleventh and last Eagle Palm. He turns 18 in eight days, so next Sunday evening is his last chance to hand in completed Merit Badges.

Second, we finally got the suspended flagpole put up that we intended to have up for Scout Sunday. We had to call for reinforcements from Anna and Brian Waite to do it. Takes a lot of hands to get all the tension on all the guy lines just right. But . . . Ta-da!

CIMG5509 (2)

Suspended flagpole
It's magic!

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