aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Well, I'm back.

I did my Fatherly/Grandbearish duty today. I took Mordred over to Wilderstead and laid him in the Hallows next to Fuji, Cuthbert, and Sassafras. That's a nice, grassy bay on the uphill side of the trail on the further side of the creek. After I got done with that, I doubled back on Indianapolis and so over to Mooresville to do a hospital call, before returning home. Hera has been all over me since. I think she realizes something has changed in the house, and she needs to cuddle with me.

When I got out to Wilderstead, I got out my tool wagon and put Mordred in it, along with a shovel and a spade. Then it was down to the ford and up onto the trail on the other side. The holler was beautiful today with a late winter sun shining down.

Pishon ford

Crossing over
The ford on the Pishon

Once there, I dug a nice, deep hole and laid Mordred in his pillow case in the grave. Then I filled in the grave, tamping it all down as I went. Finally, it took three trips to the creek for stones to make a cairn for him. Mordred is now as tenderly taken care of as any of our pets.

The Hallows

The Hallows
Mordred's is the new cairn on the left next to Sassafras;
Fuji and Cuthbert are behind.

Tiring as it was, I was glad to help out Anna today. She was so distressed last night. I think she felt helpless as well as grief-stricken, and Brian couldn't drop everything to be there. Now, I've got to rest a bit before the evening avalanche of meetings begins.

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