aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Doctrine and the unity of the church

That's the title of a very good article in the Jan/Feb issue of Good News magazine. It's written by David Mills. I'm sorry that this issue isn't posted on-line yet, or I'd have put a link to it in here.

Mills points out, "The mainline churches have all tried four alternatives [to doctrine] in the last three decades, to no avail." Those alternatives are,
1. A Common Ethical Standard
2. A Common Experience
3. A Common Process
4. A Common Institution or Heritage.

In the end, says Mills, all of these have failed to maintain unity. "The church cannot proclaim a word of judgment or speak a word of healing unless it can speak dogmatically, unless it can say with confidence, 'Thus saith the Lord.'"


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