aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Let your light shine

My daughter, Anna, (known here on LJ as stryck) was born on the Tuesday before Easter in 1979. We brought her home from the hospital on Good Friday. By the time I got to the main service on Easter Sunday, I was utterly exhausted -- not only from dealing with her birth but with all the parish and community doings of the week. I rambled my way through some recycled stuff when it came time to preach. So the joke in our family is that Anna is responsible for the worst sermon I have ever preached.

Nowadays, Anna is living with us most of the time while her husband Brain (anher) stays nearer his job. They have been at loose ends ever since moving back to Indiana from Kansas City a couple of years ago. Now that their finances are (hopefully) all in order, they can begin to look for a place of their own where they can all be together all the time again. Having Anna and the two grandcubs here, though, has helped remind me how proud I am of her.

Anna follows Christ and she wants to be part of the Church. She and Brian love and support each other, despite all their difficulties. Anna has not let migraines nor Seasonal Affective Disorder nor anything else stop her. She is a wonderful mother to Daniel and James. She is a published author, a talented cook, a fun person, a help to others. So, while I may have joked over the years that she is responsible for the worst sermon I have ever preached, I also need to say that she is, herself, one of the best sermons I have ever preached.

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