aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A personal view of the presidential race

On the Democratic side . . .

Hillary Clinton is corrupt. Criminal, even. She should be in jail, not running for President. Even if she avoids jail, she should be shunned by every right-thinking person. Her policies would be disastrous; however, even for those who agree with her policies, her actions over many years should disqualify her from any office or position of trust in public life, ever again.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is batsh*t crazy. He really, really believes in socialism. He wants it full-on, the whole program, without the euphemisms with which the Democrats have sold it in the past. I admire him for his honesty, but don't want him to wield power in any capacity. No, nay, never, as the old song puts it.

That other guy, Marvin Amorphous or whatever his name is . . . meh.

So, it's on to the Republican side . . .

And we've got Donald Trump. Like the boorish guest who just won't leave, he's still here. Trump has two things going for him. One is his celebrity. In an increasingly celebrified culture, he doesn't need any real accomplishments or standing to get a hearing or to hold the stage. But the other thing is, he's the only guy on the GOP side to voice the anger in America. That anger is very real, and it's not only directed at President Obama and his slithering hordes of bumsuckers and bullies, but also against the Republicans in office, who keep winning elections and then not delivering anything. We elect an Opposition that refuses to oppose, so now what do we do? Many are turning to the big loud oaf who says, let's kick some butts. I'm appalled, but I also say that the GOP bigwigs have only themselves to blame.

Ted Cruz seems to be a pretty solid conservative. Oddly unlikable. I know why the Republicans in Congress don't like him; but I agree with him there, and yet still find it hard to like him personally. I could vote for him, but he doesn't excite me.

Marco Rubio says all the right things. I like what he says. But he looks like he's running for Student Council President. Another first-term Senator who hasn't actually achieved much.

Ben Carson, lovely man that he is, is out of his depth. If he wants to get involved in politics, he should run for Mayor of Baltimore or Governor of Maryland or Senator or something. If the GOP manages to snatch victory from the jaws of self-imposed defeat, he might be an excellent cabinet choice and so learn the ways of the big leagues from that vantage point.

Carly Fiorina, I admire very much. But I don't think she's going anywhere.

Jeb Bush: past his sell-by date.

John Kasich: a big government conservative. Not the guy we need to roll back government excess.

Chris Christie: likable enough. Got some good stuff done in a tough neighborhood. But, come on.

There are a few others still claiming to be running. And there are some very capable people who have already dropped out; they never managed to get any oxygen for their campaigns.

Given the mess the country's in after seven years of incompetence, abuse of power, divisiveness, and now the threat from terrorists (both States and movements), this race should be the GOP's to lose. Sadly, they may find a way to lose it.

I only pray that as the primaries and caucuses start, actual voters start to shape the race by wise choices. Who knows? The people of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina might start to re-shape the race, eventually giving us someone we can vote for rather than against -- or at least somebody we don't have to hold our noses for when we step into the voting booth come November. Maybe someone will start to look better than he or she has so far.

We can only hope.

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