aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

More paperwork even solves problems that aren't actually problems

BSA has a new policy that requires Venturing youth ages 18-20 to fill out Adult Applications for a program in which they are still considered youth. Their position code on this second application is "Venturing Participant." They are also required to provide proof that they have done Venturing Youth Protection training.

Why should you have to sign up a second time for a program you are already a member of? As both youth and adult? Well, because BSA's approach to all the complexities of life is to add more rules.

The specific complexity being addressed by the new application procedures arises from BSA approving the registration of gay youth -- but not gay adults -- a couple of years ago. This would mean that a 19-year-old gay person could be registered as a Venturing youth, but not a Boy Scouting adult. The extra application was intended to keep 18-20 year olds of differing sexual orientations trackable (and separable). Since these things take time to implement, this year was the phase-in date for this new administrative procedure.

But, quelle surprise! in the meantime, BSA has removed the ban on registering gay adults, though charter partners can refuse to approve anyone they don't want in leadership. What this means, of course, is that there is now no possible reason for the new registration procedure. At all. Does this mean we don't have to do it? Oh, my poor, ignorant children, of course not!

Which is why I am now chasing after my three 18-20 year old Venturers, who have jobs and go to college and all that, and whose attendance at regularly announced meetings is much less than to be desired, to get them to fill out the fershlugginer paperwork and certify their youth protection training before we all turn into pumpkins at midnight on December 31.

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