aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

We're on the upward trail . . .

I was editing our Crew's Roll of Adventurers the other day. That's the comprehensive list of everybody who's ever gone with Venture Crew 699 (and its immediate predecessor, Explorer Post 697) on one of our summer treks. It's quite a list. To reacquaint you with where we've been (and where we're going), here's the chronological list of our annual superactivities.

1997 -- Philmont Scout Ranch
1998 -- Philmont Scout Ranch
1999 -- Isle Royale National Park
2000 -- Philmont Scout Ranch
2001 -- "Trip of the Millennium" to Tanzania (UM Scout Mission Trip with our Crew as the organizational base)
2002 -- Isle Royale National Park + Niagara Falls
2003 -- Yellowstone National Park + everything in-between
2004 -- Adirondacks + NYC & Gettysburg
2005 -- "Three Peaks Adventure" to United Kingdom (getting ready now)
2006 -- "Colours of the Church Mission Trip" to Africa University, Zimbabwe (in planning stages now)

And these are just the BIG adventures.
Tags: venturing

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