aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Look for the warning label on life's experiences

Friday, I was out working in my holler and I had an accident. Details are irrelevant; I refrain from sharing them only because I don't want to have to explain a hundred and sixty-eight times over again that, yes, I can be that stupid. The upshot was that I got a nasty set of chemical burns on my feet and ankles. So off I went to the hospital, where after four hours of mostly raw neglect, they smeared neosporin on my burns and wrapped them lightly in gauze and released me.

They also gave me two prescriptions. One was for a powerful antibiotic, and the other was for an equally powerful painkiller. Well, I wasn't really having any significant pain. Less than you'd get with a bad sunburn, really. And I think hospitals are too quick to hand out hydrocodone, anyway. So I passed on the painkillers, but got the antibiotic filled. I also bought a bunch of gauze and settled in to dress my burns a couple times a day.

Yesterday, wearing oversized socks and dress sandals, I preached and did a full complement of meetings. Things seemed to be going fine. That said, the ER had instructed me to check with my GP when I got home, so off I went to see the good Dr. A. this morning. Who then got me into the Wound Clinic this afternoon. They wrapped me up in compression bandages with silver tissue against the burns. Now, that hurts. Like I can't tell you it hurts. Plus, I'm hobbled in my walking now for a few days. They said I wouldn't notice it after a while. (Their mouth to God's ear, please.)

Well, it's what they call "life experience," kiddos. And as long as we keep on living, we'll keep on having experiences, some of which come with the label: DON'T DO THIS AGAIN.

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