aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Boys and their toys

We have all been quietly reading or playing on computers this afternoon. This evening, the grandcubs decided that the game Uncle Zach was playing on his computer looked like the most fun, and Uncle Zach generously let them try it.

It's interesting to see how the cubs react to different grownups in their lives, particularly the male ones. Daddy gets one kind of reaction, Grandbear another, and Uncle Zach yet another. They enjoy us all, but look for different kinds of affection and response from each of us. Zach is a great uncle, too -- patient and kind and helpful. Now, if the two boys weren't sometimes so greedy for what the other has at the moment . . . but that's probably asking too much. That has to be trained into them.

Boys and their toys

Uncle Zach, James, Daniel

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