aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

If there's any crack my brain can fall through, it will

I don't know if anyone else dreams in foreign languages -- that is, dreams of speaking or reading a language not native to oneself. I know I sometimes find myself speaking German in my dreams (with much greater ease and fluency than in real life). And I think I've translated some Latin in my dreams before. But this one beats all.

Just before waking up this morning, I was asked by somebody in my dream how to say, "Let's go out to (the) camp" in Old English. And I replied in my dream that I didn't know; camp IS an OE word, but it means "battle." And so in the last stages of sleeping, I found myself trying to remember all the OE military words I knew (like ceastre) and all the OE toponymical terms (like -stede and -stowe) and if I'd ever encountered any OE texts in which people stopped for the night and slept out.

And so I awoke, still chewing over the problem, which is why I remember it now. I looked up camp in my Bright's and, yup, it means "battle, strife." Campstede means "battlefield," not "campsite" in the modern sense. What this means is that I'll have this buzzing around in my head all day, instead of getting something important done.

It is to sigh.

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