aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Sorry, no turkeys

Besides digging on my interminable construction project until the sun roasted me out this morning, I noted quite a bit of wildlife in the holler. There was a whole flock of turkeys congregating down the path when I emerged from the cabin, mid-morning. Unfortunately, my attempt to sneak up on them from behind was unsuccessful. They can waddle at a deceptively fast pace, and disappeared into the tall weeds.

So I turned toward the creek and snuck up on that stag that's been spending his days up on the near bank. Him, I got a good look at. Getting him to pose was a problem, but I did manage to get this one on the path below my cabin, before he crossed the creek and scampered off up the trail.

Stag, Party of 1

Stag, Party of 1

Later on, when crossing the creek to check on things on the farther bank, I took a picture of some of the fish in the bathing pool. We didn't used to have any permanent residents in our seasonal creek, but as the spring floods have carved out a deeper and deeper bathing pool, so fish have taken up residence. The biggest are still barely bait-minnow size.

Boop-boop diddum-daddum

Boop-boop diddum-daddum
Itty bitty fishies in the Pishon

I startled a couple of mousies in the shed. Before I left, I put fresh peanut butter on the redneck mouse trap I maintain in there. Which is the ONLY thing I've ever found that works. I swear, they eat d-con for midnight snacks, and they just laugh at snap traps. But a spinning coke bottle smeared with peanut butter over a bucket of antifreeze works just fine.

I will be on vacation all next week, so I'll be in the holler for most of that time. I hope to get all the basic digging done. (Please, God.) Then it's on to rebar and concrete, I hope. I also need to finish clearing the easement where the REMC is going to install electric power sometime this fall. Many thanks to Steve C., who loaned me the little electrical pump to get the water out of my footers. Worked like a charm!

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