aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Rejoice with me

The lost has been found.

Yesterday, I was going nuts trying to find my wireless microphone before the worship service. It was nowhere to be found. The previous Sunday had been more than usually hectic, so I thought it was possible I had done something unconventional with it after the service; nevertheless, I thought I remembered doing with it as I almost always do: take it off and put it on the greeters table until I can get around to putting it back in my office. I searched high and low, but it was nowhere to be found. I eventually just used the stand mics and my own ability to project.

So, this morning, all rested up, I decided to do a full CSI search on the premises. Not in my office. Not in the sanctuary. Not in the narthex. Not in the choir room. Not in my Sunday School room. Not in Rogers Hall. And then I remembered how one of our old wireless mics disappeared for two years or so before turning up among the stuff stored in the Scout room. So I went there, and behold! Some "helpful" child of God had gathered up my mic and dumped it in a big plastic bowl in the Cub Scout closet. I can only speculate as to why somebody thought it should be moved from where it was, and why that somebody thought the Scout room was the appropriate place for it. But I pray that God may reward such a one with similarly helpful people in his or her life.

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