aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Jokers are Trump

First, let me say two things about Donald Trump. 1) Donald Trump is a complete fake. 2) Donald Trump will not be the Republican Presidential candidate.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let me say one more thing -- about why Trump is getting so much support. It's simple. Trump is the only candidate voicing the white-hot anger so many people feel right now about the people who govern America. That's mostly a slam on the Democrats, since they've held the Presidency and they're setting the agenda, but it also provides a fiery backsplash on Congressional Republicans who seem to forget that the first duty of an Opposition, as Disraeli said, is to oppose.

All the credible GOP candidates are trying to get the nomination without looking angry, because they think that angry candidates don't win general elections. There's something to that. Also, angry Republicans are endlessly slammed by the meda, at least when they're angry at Democrats (Republicans angry at other Republicans is always treated as statesmanship). So, I understand that the real candidates want to win in 2016, and are trying to keep their eyes on the prize instead of just baying at the moon.

But, still. People are angry. Very angry. And someone has to voice their anger. If responsible candidates won't speak up for them, then irresponsible ones will. So, who's going to say what has to be said without becoming a Donald Trump clone (that would be a phony fake -- a twofer)? But, come on. Who will voice our anger while remaining someone we can vote for as well as the alternative to the candidate we're voting against?

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