aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Chapel project update

Just a quick update on our camp chapel project. We had $1100 promised within 48 hours of my asking. That being the case, I spoke to some of our Venturers, and they’re up for doing the labor August 2-3. I spoke to Ranger Ed and he’s all excited about getting the project done. I measured the chapel instead of just eyeballing it. And then I went back to Menard’s.

Cedar is on sale right now (last day). So I whipped out my plastic and special ordered the lot. The actual price for lumber is $1,239. Might spend a few more pennies on some wood glue; nails we got. So another $150 will finish out the project handsomely.

Some have already sent checks for the project. I've told everyone else to get those checks to me before the end of the month. I will generate thank you letters for tax records in due course.


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