aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just to be perfectly clear

My ancestors fought for the Union. My great-grandfather, Zechariah T. Pulliam, along with his brother, was kidnaped by Morgan's raiders between Osgood and Dillsboro, Indiana. They were taken along for miles while their captors debated whether to kill them or not. Finally, they were just let go. As soon as he was big enough to lie about his age, 15-year-old Zechariah joined the Union army. He fought his way through the South with Sherman on his March to the Sea.

I have no sentimental feelings for the Confederacy. I believe slavery was an abomination. The country paid a staggering price to preserve the Union and get rid of slavery (and the South paid most of all), and it was all worth it.

I have never owned or displayed any Confederate images or memorabilia. It doesn't appeal to me, and I try to avoid offending others on general principle.

And yet, if this design is capable of giving so many progressives hissy fits, it must have something going for it.


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