aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Listening for a still, small voice

After every great achievement comes a pause. The body needs time to rest. The mind gets tired, too. And very often, one's spirit is depressed, rather than exhilarated, in the aftermath of a challenge successfully met. I know I often have a low period after finishing off something like the Venturers' trip to New York.

This effect is intensified when I return from a big trip on a Sunday evening or so, as we did this time. Being in worship, being with my flock, is important. I need that weekly contact to keep going, to keep believing in what I'm doing. I fall prey to doubts when I don't constantly renew my connections with others. So it's always nicer to come back from a big trip late in the week and get that boost quickly; waiting six days for the uplift of the congregational gathering makes for a long week.

So I recall how it was after Elijah's great triumph over the prophets of Baal that he suddenly lost confidence and fled the country. He went down to Sinai, seeking the Lord. Despite his obvious success and visible proof that God was working through him, he faltered. God met him at Sinai, and sent him back, renewed.

What I have learned is that you have to go about your business, doing the next thing needing to be done, and not allow your tiredness and self-doubt to hold you back. The affirmation you need will be forthcoming. God is still with you. People still believe in you. The urge to run away and hide is understandable, but unprofitable.

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