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Over the hills and far away, Part III

Saturday, June 13

The little cabin was very comfy. We were well rested when we arose. Some of us rested a bit longer than others.

A man needs a goal

A man needs a goal
T.J.’s is to sleep in all 50 States

Life on the trail (road) requires adjusting to each other's quirks. Patience is not merely a virtue, but a necessity. Setting boundaries is important, too. Jeffrey’s snark at the breakfast table was getting to be a bit much, so I helpfully told him there was an operation that could help him. He looked surprised, but interested. I told him it was called an Optorectomy. That’s where they cut the connection between your optic nerve and your anus. It helps get rid of your crappy outlook on life. He toned it back a little after that.

We were on the road by 8:00 a.m. Not having to put away tents helped, of course, but still, we were beginning to really gel as a Crew. T.C., T.J., and Jeffrey were all veterans of several high adventure trips, of course, but really, we were all getting good at working together. Meals got cooked, dishes got washed, tents were put up and taken down without griping or excuses.

We stopped for gas at a truck stop. My bank card was declined again. I called my bank from the road. They told me to call the Credit Card people – who told me to call their fraud specialists. The Fraud person said that I should have told them I was going on a trip so they could make sure my bank card worked in those places I would be going to. I replied that it worked just fine at an ATM in the Democratic Republic of the Congo last year, so I didn’t think Canada would be too much of a stretch. Honors even, they then made sure my bank card would work in the States we would be visiting.

Wesleyan Chapel

Wesleyan Chapel
Site of the first Women’s Rights Convention

Faces in the crowd

Faces in the Crowd
Julie and Abby join the suffragettes

We stopped in Seneca Falls to visit the National Women’s Rights Historical Park. We saw the Wesleyan chapel (partially rebuilt), where the first Women’s Rights convention took place in 1848. We toured the Visitors Center. Then we walked to the other side of town and visited Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s home. After that, we had lunch down by the canal.

Canal lock, with geese

Canal lock, with geese
Seneca Falls

This was followed by a long, weary afternoon drive up to Watertown and over to Lake Placid. We arrived at Whispering Pines campground about 6:15 in the evening after a ten hour day. I was in bed by 9:45.

Venturers are noted for their maturity

Venturers are noted for their maturity
Whispering Pines Campground, Lake Placid

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