aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Here I am, Lord

Very long day at Annual Conference. Had to be there bright and early for the Candidates' Meet-and-Greet. This was arranged for people to meet those who had indicated their willingness to serve, if elected, as General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates. It was pretty much a fiasco. Most of us wound up talking to each other. The other clergy voters aren't uninterested, but it appears they're getting their information the old-fashioned way, by sidebar talking and asking people they trust about those who are running. The clergy Meet-and-Greet was like every Student Council election you ever saw. One of the younger clergy women suggested she could make a hand-made campaign poster with glitter.

Had lunch with EFUMC's own Dennis W. Then it was on to Executive Session and voting on clergy credentials and so on. Had supper with old friends Kevin and Jessi; talked grandchildren, mostly.

Then it was time for the big ordination service. Jim R. had asked me and Curt H. to assist in laying on hands in his ordination. That's a very big honor. The service went well, if a little long. An invitation was given during the last hymn for those who might feel God calling them to some kind of ministry to come and receive prayer and the promise of follow-up conversation. It's the only time in the whole service when I got choked up.

In other news, I wore a suit and tie all day (ugh). When I walked in all fresh this morning, Beth Ann C. (President of the Conference Confessing Movement group) exclaimed, "Who are you, and what have you done with Arthur?" I assured her I'd be wearing shorts and a pirate t-shirt tomorrow. When others inquired re: my sartorial excellence, I said that Beth Ann was our den mother and told us we all had to dress up, stay clean, and behave ourselves.

Traffic going up Hwy 37 was awful during morning rush hour. Coming home this evening, I noticed ever more orange barrels set out for our morning enjoyment. I'm thinking I'll bop up through the country to Gosport and take 67 into the City tomorrow. Hwy 37 is just too awful to contemplate.

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