aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Thoughts for today

American society today – and the American Church today – are living on the capital built up by others. We used to be a Conviction Culture, but we have become a Convenience Culture.

A Convenience Culture says, “I can always catch up on what I missed.”
A Conviction Culture says, “I need to be there.”

A Convenience Culture says, “How does this satisfy my desires?"
A Conviction Culture says, “How does this embody my values?”

A Convenience Culture says, “I’ll try to, if I can.”
A Conviction Culture says, “I’ll do it.”

A Convenience Culture says, “Yes” to everything, which makes its promises all but worthless.
A Conviction Culture says, “No” to some things, which makes its Yes rock solid.

A Convenience Culture starts looking for other relationships when its current ones are no longer as rewarding.
A Conviction Culture commits to relationships and invests in them for the future.

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