aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Making progress

Getting serious about making progress on my house foundation has this salutary side-effect: I am now taking a regular day off. The down side of that is, I'm working instead of resting; the up side is, I'm out in my own little peaceable kingdom. I suppose you could say I'm getting in shape, too. Some people pump iron; I pump dirt.

Anyway, I went out to Wilderstead Tuesday morning, the weather promising to be clear and all my appointments having canceled. I arrived about noon, and after a bit of snack did a few chores. Then, I got down to diggin'. Got over half the end trench for the footers dug. Rested a bit, cleaned up and went into Dillsboro for some snacks, and then back out to the cabin for the evening. Worked on Sunday's sermon. Went to bed early.

The day promised to be cool today, which is great if you're going to be handling a shovel. I got down to work about 10:30 and knocked off about 2:00, with the whole end trench finished. The lesser half I had to do today was waterlogged, which made it really heavy. Underneath the waterlogged layer was hard pan clay. But I got 'er done. Half the perimeter of footers is now finished. I hope to be ready to pour some concrete some time in July.

Got home just in time to take a shower and do evening meetings. I was fine until I got my dirt washed off. It was all that was holding me up. But I feel good. Progress is slow, but it's coming. And if my attempt to operate an excavator last summer was depressing, my ability to use spade and shovel is a confidence-builder. My dad would be proud. I can still remember him talking about the summer interns from college who didn't know how to dig a hole. By golly, I can dig a hole; I can even trench. All that edjumacation hasn't ruined me for practical pursuits.

The holler was lovely. Everything is green and blooming. The water was chilly but beautiful. Lots of little fishies are swimming about the bathing pool.

The straight and narrow

The straight and narrow
Second leg of perimeter done

Bathing pool

Bathing pool
As seen from log bridge

Attractive nuisance

Attractive nuisance
Multiflora rose is a beauty I would gladly forego

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