aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Wilderstead in Winter

Chilly waters
Chilly waters

I went out to Wilderstead this afternoon (actually, yesterday afternoon by now). I never tire of looking at it, wandering through it, or just breathing out there. It is my quiet refuge. There were deer tracks everywhere. I took this picture of the semi-frozen creek.

I keep thinking about a name for this creek. As a spring-fed stream, it never -quite- dries up. And it has no name on any official map. I'm thinking of calling it the Pishon. Why? Well, the Pishon was one of the four rivers of Eden in Genesis, and it was the one that flowed from the land of much gold. Gold was found in times past on the gravel bar down at Hueseman Ford on Laughery Creek, but nowhere else on Laughery. Since this little stream flows into Laughery just at that point, it must be carrying minute traces of gold from somewhere up the hollow between Woods Ridge and Akes Hill.

Wilderstead is my Eden. There is a hint of gold in the area. Hence, Pishon Creek. Any other suggestions?

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