aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

What's goin' on

It's been a very busy past few days.

My car went haywire on Friday, necessitating two people using one vehicle until today. It was an alternator, and it's been replaced (bye-bye, $375).

Had lunch yesterday with caoimhinolorica in Greensburg. We were both pretty tired (December in parish ministry is like that). But I've come to really look forward to our monthly lunch visits.

I slept in today, since I'd gotten up around 5-6 a.m. the previous three days and run myself ragged. Once I got my car back, I drove down to Vevay to visit somebody in a nursing home, and on the way back stopped off at Wilderstead. It was a beautiful drive, and Wilderstead was beautiful in the snow. Deer tracks everywhere.

I got called rude on somebody's LJ, and I thought about replying, but decided to let it stand. I had my say, and I don't think the person I was replying to is able to understand my meaning. What I said was truth, and said as simply and directly (though not unkindly) as I knew how to say it. Let it be.

The men outnumbered the women at tonight's Church Council meeting. That is sufficiently rare that we decided to take official notice of it in the minutes. But we didn't have much to do, so after a brief bit of business, I asked that we go around the table and share a) what we were thankful for this last year at the church, and b) what we hope to see next year at the church.

This year is almost in the bag. Mostly office work and a little worship leadership left, and then come visitors from afar, eagerly anticipated. Oh, yes, we need a little Christmas . . .

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