aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Crisis du jour

Last night, I knocked over a full bottle of Diet Coke that wasn't completely sealed. It spewed all over my laptop keyboard. Even after drying and fiddling with it, several of the keys were sticky or non-functional. So, this morning I got on the church office computer early and read my basic e-mail. I also messaged a tech friend and asked how to fix the problem.

Armed with her advice, I went to Best Buy to try to obtain a new keyboard for my laptop. No can do. The kid in the geek suit informed me that I would have to pay $35 up front and send my computer off for several weeks in order to get a QUOTE for repair. Or I could order the part online, myself. Or, I could just buy a plug-and-play keyboard. I was astounded. Why would anyone go to a store that provides such poor service? I can get advice this good at Walmart.

So I went to Walmart and bought a ten-dollar keyboard, and I'm up and running again. It's not ideal, but it buys me time. Given the age and slowly developing quirks of my laptop, I probably just need to buy a new one. But that's a major purchase and I haven't given it any thought. I guess this external keyboard will splint me for a couple days while I cogitate upon the possibilities.

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