aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Weekend at Wilderstead

All my commitments for last weekend cancelled out and I had some vacation time. So I went to the woods. It was beautiful. The days were warm, the nights were cool, the stars were gorgeous.

I dug a lot. Still trying to get footers dug, last summer's excavation machinery not having worked out like I wanted. I was surprised at how much I got done in a day.

I also cleaned up a lot of brush. A tangle of honeysuckle vines and grapevines and whatnot had to be gotten rid of before they greened up and became overpowering. They burned nicely, too.

This morning, I got around to taking down that branch up by the road which had to be removed before REMC would consider putting in a power line extension. I drove to the top of the hill with my aluminum extension ladder and bow saw. Once in place, I realized three things: 1), I was sawing with my left hand; 2) the branch was way too thick for my little bow saw; and 3) the main tree was a triple-trunked monster with a perch I could stand on in the middle, five feet up. That meant I could use a chainsaw without standing on a ladder. Went back down, unlimbered the chainsaw, clambered up in my secure perch and had the beggar down in two shakes.

I did other chores, read a book, enjoyed the woods. It was lovely. As usual, I have some pix for you.

Chilly waters under a warm spring sky

Chilly waters under a warm spring sky

Hot fire on a chilly evening

Hot fire on a chilly evening

Dig we must

Dig we must

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