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Spring and Summer at EFUMC

Well, I finished my worship planning. All these sermons and services are now simmering in the stockpot on the back burner of my mind. In case anyone is interested in what I'm preaching on, here is the whole megillah.

Evangelical Protestants were just coming to grips with the lectionary when I was in seminary. Somehow, I never caught the bug for it. Instead of disciplining myself to follow and exegete set passages, I instead devote several days to working my way through the liturgical seasons and assembling courses of readings and sermons within given planning periods. In other words, I'm doing a lot of the heavy lifting done for you by the lectionary; but that's way my mind grapples with it.

April 19
1 Corinthians 15:20-34
"Trigger Warnings"

April 26
James 3:1-18
"Crossing the Mire"

May 3
Monika's 20th Anniversary celebration
Revelation 1:9-20
"The Vision of Christ"

May 10
Mothers Day
Revelation 12:1-6
"Portents in Heaven"

May 17
Recognition of Graduates
John 16:1-33
"Be of good cheer"

May 24
Bishop's "Encourage the Call" Sunday
Isaiah 6:1-8
"Who will go for us?"

May 31
Trinity Sunday
Jude 1-25
"The Faith Once Delivered"

June 7
John 19:1-16
"No king but Caesar"

June 14
Pastor in NY with Crew 119
Guest Speaker (TBA)

June 21
Pastor in NY with Crew 119
Guest Speaker (TBA)

June 28
Independence Sunday
Leviticus 25:1-17
"Proclaim liberty throughout the land"

July 5
Today, we will begin a series of sermons on the Creation
Genesis 1:1-5
"The way it was meant to be: Choices, choices"

July 12
Genesis 1:6-13
"The way it was meant to be: A place for everything, and everything in its place"

July 19
Genesis 1:14-19
"The way it was meant to be: A matter of timing"

July 26
Genesis 1:20-31
"The way it was meant to be: Very good"

August 2
Genesis 2:2-3
"The way it was meant to be: Set apart for God"

August 9
Genesis 2:15-25
"The way it was meant to be: In the image of God"

August 16
Genesis 3:1-21
"The way it was meant to be: Forbidden fruit"

August 23
Pastor on vacation
Guest Speaker (TBA)

August 30
Musical sermon

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