aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

So there I was . . .

I was gathering prayer requests in church this morning. I'm serious about this. If you ask for prayer for Uncle Mike, I'm going to try to work Uncle Mike into the prayers. We're not just talking about people, we're praying for people. And we believe that God hears us.

Anyway, one person asked for us to pray "for the State of Indiana" (at least one Amen was heard in response). I did not inquire further into her reasons for praying for our fair State; I think I may presume, though, that she has been bothered by all the ruckus over the passage of our Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Perhaps I'm reading too much into her prayer request, but I'm sure there are people who would have liked me to pray that our State would be delivered from the evils of bigotry, discrimination, and politicians who divide us.

At the same time, I know the opinions of others of my parishioners, who would be happy to have me thank God in our prayers that the General Assembly has had the wisdom to provide Indiana with important protections for their rights as believers and practitioners of religion. So, what to do?

I prayed for our State. We're supposed to do that, you know, and I'm never shy about asking God to bless our community, our State, and our country, and to give wisdom to our leaders. No doubt some who are praying along with me are adding their own silent petitions -- giving advice to God on what constitutes said wisdom. Fine, let 'em. God hears our hearts, and he will do as he sees best; our prayer should always be that we come to want what he wants -- which may not be apparent to any of us at first.

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