aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Dashing through the snow

Got out early and went over to Columbus, IN, today to eat lunch with Beth Ann Cook. Talked ministry and church politics. Then it was over to Miamitown, OH, to order some stained glass of a color we're almost out of. Then I hightailed it over to Newport, KY to run an errand.

At this point, I figured I'd go out to Wilderstead and eat supper and relax before heading home. I came prepared to stay overnight, but I'd gotten all my errands run, so I decided to spare myself stoking the fire all night. But when I got to my gate, I noticed that there was deep, packed snow all the way in. Nothing had trodden it but deer and other critters. I didn't relish getting trapped in my holler in the Prius, so I parked on the verge of the road outside the gate and hiked in.

Makin' tracks

Makin' tracks
Nobody much but deer have been on this road lately

Peaceable kingdom

Peaceable kingdom
Coming down into the holler

Pishon Crossing

Pishon Crossing
I could hear the water chuckling as I walked down the lane

Little Cabin in the Woods

Little Cabin in the Woods
Pass, and all's well

Anyway, I got my electric drill that I needed to fetch from my cabin and schlepped back up to the county road. Then I turned my nose toward home.

I took the scenic route back. Our happy Crew is supposed to go backpacking through here in a couple of weeks, so there were things I needed to check out. Just above Milton, there was a place where North Laughery Rd. washed out last summer. I was pleased to see that it was repaired. I continued on into the boonies and up Prosperity Ridge to Farmer's Retreat, then down the hill to Friendship; 12.5 miles from Wilderstead to Friendship, got it. Then I drove up Cave Hill Rd. to Versailles State Park, another 12 miles. I just need to check the mileage from Wilderstead to the Triple Whipple Bridge outside Aurora, and I'll be all current on routes and mileage.

The snowy weather has put me about a month behind on my spring chores in the holler. Plus, I will spend the better part of March (our two-week spring break) doing various forms of strenuous youth ministry, so I can't make up the time until the last week of March. And some things must be done before April 1. Oh, dear. I love snow, but I need this stuff to go away and for things to warm up, fast.

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